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Celtinental Music is proud to be working with several of the finest award winning internationally renowned Celtic musicians and more in the world. Contact Celtinental for artist electronic press kits, booking info, and artist availability.

As we all know, the Covid virus is putting a huge crimp in artists' livelihoods. Celtinental Music urges everyone who can to support musicians by going to their websites and donating what they can. If the arts die, society dies as well!

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have a few small changes, one of which is that we are taking a step back from booking the Tannahills for a bit until management changes are over. So we will also be losing Maggie, who is retiring from booking them on the east coast, and we are very sorry to lose her!

On a happy note, we are supporting three new artists on their first tours of the US, singers Chloe Matharu from Scotland, Skyrie from Scotland, and Federica Fruscella from Italy! Stay tuned for further news!

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