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Celtinental Music - A Celtic music booking agency with select, award winning musicians!

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John Renbourn of Pentangle considers Tony McManus a leader in Celtic music on the guitar, and Guitar Player Magazine rated him one of the top 50 transcendent guitarists in the world. He has performed at the Chet Atkins Festival in Nashville, as well as others around the world. Tony translates the traditional Celtic pipe and fiddle music to guitar with a mastery unheard of by others, earning him invites from  folk and guitar specific festivals worldwide. Tony also performs  as a duo with Julia Toaspern, touching on many different styles along with Celtic, and their vocals are a beautiful blend between Tony's slightly wistful vocals, and Julia's clear as a bell tones.



Iona has been winning awards and hearts across the UK, Canada,  Australia, and Europe with her beautiful renditions of traditional and contemporary Scottish songs and more. In a relatively short time she has graced major festival stages as well as intimate club venues, wowing audiences at both, and winning several traditional music awards along the way. Iona has also performed with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra as part of the World Premiere of Disney Pixar’s Brave in Concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Critics have been praising her CD "Dark Turn of Mind," with its mixing of Americana and jazz elements in with the traditional, and her charmingly beautiful voice slips easily from sadly wistful to strong and vibrant within the same song.

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John is a consummate all around performer, as well as being seven-time All-Ireland accordion champion, and has graced major festival stages and smaller venues. John is a master at his instrument, and has played with other renowned artists both in and out of the Celtic genre, as well as being a prolific writer - his music has been used in such tv shows as "Sex and the City," and movies, as well as being recorded by other artists. His performances are also full of fun and humor, and the special John Whelan audience rapport and charm.

The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's best known and loved bands, and were inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame for their trailblazing renditions of traditional Scottish music, and innovative first use of the iconic bagpipes into a traditional music band outside of the military. Their infectious energy, upbeat rhythms, and beautiful 3 and 4 part harmonies set them apart from all others following in their footsteps, as do the songs and tunes, ranging from wistfully sad, martially driving, and devilishly humorous. Lead singer Roy's humorous tales of life in Scotland are  also a major component of their shows, and as Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion said, "These guys are heroes wherever they go!"

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Gerry is an amazing award winning traditional Irish fiddle player, having performed and recorded with his bands La Lugh, Skylark, Oirialla, and with Breton guitarist Gilles Le Bigot, plus other luminaries in Irish music such as the Irish Rovers, Chieftains, Bothy Band, and more. An all around Renaissance man, Gerry has won many fiddle competitions, teaches, adjudicates competitions, and builds fiddles! He will be accompanied on his US tour by guitarist Richard Mandel, who has accompanied many other well known touring Irish artists.



Founded by the Sangineto twins Caterina and Adriano, Ensemble Sangineto skillfully blends ancient harmonies and sonorities with modern rhythms. The wide-ranging musical experiences of the individual members converge to create fresh arrangements of traditional Irish, Scottish, Breton & Italian tunes and original compositions that display influences from many varied musical genres ranging from classical to folk, from Gregorian chant to musical, from pop to Celtic music.

Eilis Kennedy is an Irish traditional Gaelic and contemporary singer from West Kerry with the voice of an angel. She has recorded several CDs with her friend, Grammy winning guitarist William Coulter, and performed and toured with fellow West Kerry singer Pauline Scanlon as Lumiere. Her latest album, So Ends This Day, received critical acclaim and was nominated for an RTE Folk Award. Eilís also received the 2021 ACLSR Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in recognition of American Celtic Listener Supported Radio for exceptional talents, Achievements of musicians in the Celtic Traditional genre.



An impactful repertoire with a powerful live appeal and a sound comparable in power and energy to new-trad acts such as Talisk, We Banjo 3, The East Pointers, or Rura, but with a unique identity thanks to years of experience in several folk genres, from Appalachian & Old Time to Scottish, and English folk and traditional music. And one of the best clawhammer banjoists in the world!




Two "indecently talented" young fellows from London, Alex and Ford have been honing their talents learned while busking on the streets since their teens. They are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, and are equally adept at all manner of trad folk with their own fresh stamp on it, as well as penning their own material.



Alex and Brian have been playing together for over a decade together, ever since their days at Oberlin College where they met, and it shows in their easy and playful interweavings and improvs with each other on American, Celtic, old-timey, original, and more. Beloved by local and national contra dance groups, in 2022 they embarked on tour as Iona Fyfe's supporting musicians.

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