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Scottish Fish present a fresh take on traditional and contemporary Scottish and Cape Breton music. Their lively and unique arrangements are woven together from session music handed down from generations of the tradition’s finest players. Their music and performances have earned them spots at renowned venues such as The Burrren and Club Passim, plus features
on National Public radio programs such as WGBH, KALW, in American Girl and Folkworld Magazines; attracted attention from programs such as America's Got Talent; and secured an international audience of over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Their latest release, "Upscale," produced by pianist and composer Neil Pearlman, was released in October, 2022, marking the band’s ten year anniversary. Scottish Fi
sh have been named as “One of the most energetic and creative acts to take root in the local Celtic music scene this century” by Boston Irish Reporter Sean Smith. Scottish fiddler Hanneke Cassel has described the Scottish Fish sound as “both incredibly musical and just a little unusual.”

“Both very traditional and highly flexible,” the Scottish Fish sound features “skillful fiddle
melodies and harmonies, imaginative bass lines and rhythms, and spine-tingling treatments”
of traditional tunes that render them into “modern masterpieces”
– Alex Monaghan, Folkworld Magazine (2023)

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