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Federica Fruscella is an Italian born actor, singer, and musician, and her Mediterranean influence on Celtic and her own compositions is lovely, as is her voice. Federica trained and graduated in Canto Popular at the respected Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, and also studied jazz. During her years of study she began to approach ethnic music, becoming familiar with singing in various languages. Subsequently she began her musical research with particular attention to Celtic music and the songs of the Italian popular tradition. She collaborated with Piccola Banda Ikona by Stefano Saletti and Barbara Eramo for several years, performing at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Stabio World Music Festival.

In 2014 she performed at the Veleia Romana Festival with “Eneide Libro II” with Massimo Popolizio and Stefano Saletti, performing songs in the Sabir, ancient Greek and Aramaic languages, as well as with Takadum Orchestra for three years, performing music from the Mediterranean area. She is the vocalist for Barbara Eramo in “Emily”, a project based on the poems of Emily Dickinson, with which she performed at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, at the Casa del Jazz and at the Cambio Festival. Federica has taught also singing at the Piccola Scuola delle Arti in Rome. She began studying acting with Salvatore Cardone at Salvatore Cardone's “Studio Orale – Arte dell'Attore” and, since 2014, with Giancarlo Sepe at the Teatro La Comunità, and joined Sepe's company performing “Dubliners” by James Joyce as an actress/singer at the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto  . Since 2015 she has been teaching singing at the “La Comunità” Theater in Rome, and studied Commedia dell'Arte with Carlo Boso at the Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle – AIDAS in Paris. Since 2016 she has been studying acting with Guglielmo Guidi. In 2017 she was Joan of Arc in the adaptation of the Shakespearean tetralogy of Guglielmo Guidi's “Enrieide” at the Teatro Belli in Rome, and  was assistant director for Guglielmo Guidi for “Bad Jazz” by Robert Farquhar; “Bogus Woman” by Kay Adshead (Trend Festival – New Frontiers of the British Scene); and “Baciami James” by Robert Farquhar (Italian tour) . Since 2018 she has taught singing at the School of Art of the Teatro Augusteo-Politeama Giacosa in Naples, and in 2020 she was on stage with "Clonmacnoise - Stories of Men and Spirits", theatrical adaptation and directed by Guglielmo Guidi from Alessandro Baricco's essay "I barbari - Essay on mutation," as a singer / actress. In 2022 she is on stage with "Beat come Battito", adapted and directed by Guglielmo Guidi from Baricco's trilogy "Quel cheriamo cerca", "The Game", "I barbari" as a singer / actress. She recently finished her first album, totally inspired by Celtic folklore.





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